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How long does the process take?

Our free consultation will most likely last around an hour. A dedicated mortgage advisor in Halifax can turn round an agreement in principle within 24 hours of this consultation, with a formal mortgage offer taking about three weeks on average.

How much deposit do I need for a right to buy mortgage?

The discount that is provided to you by the council will often be used by mortgage lenders as your deposit. In some cases though, a lender may require you to put down a deposit of your own in addition to the discount. This occurs often in cases where customers may have been struggling with credit problems. Our trusted and experienced Mortgage advisors in Halifax are here to answer your right to buy deposit questions.

How does the mortgage process work?

A dedicated mortgage advisor in Halifax will carry out a Fact Find to work out what your personal needs are prior to recommending the most suitable mortgage for you. In order to get an Agreement in Principle, you’ll be required to have a credit check. Once you have provided all the relevant documentation and a valuation of the property has been undertaken, you can be formally issued a mortgage offer.

How does the free remortgage consultation work?

Your free remortgage consultation in Halifax will usually last no more than around an hour. Your mortgage advisor will then help you compare deals and decide what the best plan of action going forward is. If you wish to back out at any point, you have the freedom to do so; there is no obligation to proceed.

Are there fees involved in Remortgaging?

Your remortgage fees will be more or less the same as your initial mortgage, though your dedicated Mortgage Advisor in Halifax will run through the fees with you anyway, taking them into consideration when comparing the savings of the new deal versus your current mortgage.

How Does The Free Initial Mortgage Consultation Work?

Your free mortgage consultation in Halifax with an advisor will last for roughly around one hour. Once this has been undertaken, they will then recommend a mortgage for you. You’re under no obligation to accept this and have the freedom to walk away still, should you feel that’s the better option.

When should I obtain an Agreement in Principle?

To avoid being disappointed down the line, we suggest that you obtain an Agreement in Principle prior to property viewings in Halifax. You should obtain one no later than the point before you start making an offer in order to assist your bargaining position.

How long does an Agreement in Principle last?

An Agreement in Principle will most likely last between 30 and 90 days depending on who you take one out with. If your Agreement in Principle expires, come back to us and we’ll get this refreshed for you.

Can I get a second mortgage in Halifax?

If you are looking at some future financial planning or home renovation like debt consolidation or Home Improvements, you may be eligible for a second mortgage. It can be possible to take out a mortgage on a second property for your own use, for a family member, for a holiday home or even for a Buy to Let.

How much deposit do I need?

The minimum deposit required for a home buyer purchasing a house in Halifax with a High Street Lender is generally 5%. If you have had credit problems in the past, this may be higher.

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