We would like to say a ‘HUGE’ thank you to UK Moneyman after they helped secure our mortgage after six difficult months of dealings with a problematic and borderline crazy lender. The stress caused by the lender was reduced thanks to the wonderful care we received off Wayne, Mizna and the team.
During this time I personally spent more time speaking with Mizna than my girlfriend….. and if Mizna’s beauty matches her ability to chase up issues caused by the lender, ill be very surprised if she hasn’t been snapped up by a premier league footballer! Behind every good employee there is a good leader, in this case Wayne Dewsbury! Wayne has been an emotional rock from the outset that hasn’t been afraid to visit me at unsociable times in order to help us secure the best rate and associated products. If Mizna is Rocky then Wayne is Micky!

Simply put, if you are looking for the most helpful mortgage advisor Manchester has available, choose Manchester Moneyman!

Date Last Edited: July 18, 2024